SurzSol Solar Power Pack – SS48.150AH_3000VA-2000W

Rs 1.99 Lakhs / Unit

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit

Capacity 1 kW,3 KW
Battery Voltage 12 V, 48V, 24 V
Brand SurzSol


This is a high end solar solution for residential or small business applications.

The system includes a 3 KVA solar PCU having a solar load of 2.4KW. The system is designed as 48 volt system with maximum backup capacity of 150 ampere hours.


1. Solar PCU 3kva 48V : 1(ONE)
2. Solar Batteries 12v120AH TT: 4(FOUR)
3. Solar Panels 2000W : 8(Eight) * 250W

This system can run most of the household appliances viz cfls, fans, tvs, coolers, washing machine, fridge, 1HP submersible pump etc.

This system can be customized according to the needs of the application/end user.

We are looking Inquiries from Punjab region.


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