Luminous 850VA 500W Solar Power Pack

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This power pack solution fulfills basic power needs of a home.

It includes :

1. 500W(5*100W) High Quality PolyCrystalline Panels.
2. 850VA Solar Inverter/Home UPS
3. 120AH TT  Solar Battery
4. Panel Stand
5. Panel Wire
6. Hardware & Accessories
7. Standard Installation.


Features of Solar Home UPS:- 
‣ India’s first inverter which can run both AC & DC loads.
‣ Pure sine wave output
‣ Preferential charging from solar to reduce commercial mains usage, saves money
‣ Solar charger efficiency ≥98% and Inverter efficiency ≥85%*
‣ Suitable for PV panels up to 400Wp
‣Very low self – consumption
‣ Intelligent battery charging algorithm
‣ Equipped with DC load controller & LVD feature
‣ Equipped with battery type selection
‣Equipped with charging current selection
‣ Equipped with all required electrical protections
‣ Rated for continuous operation at full load Advantages of Solar Home UPS
‣ 25%-30% Savings on electricity bill
‣ Clean, green and free energy
‣ Intelligent charger. Maximum utilization of solar energy even when mains is available
‣Pure and highly regulated Sine wave output for better performance & safety to the connected loads
‣ i-CHARGE option for fast battery charging
‣ Economical & reliable. Easy to install
‣Equipped with all required electrical protections to keep connected appliances safe
‣ User selectable options for battery types & charging current
‣Flexibility of use with all types of batteries Luminous Solar Power Pack

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