Solar Power packs are systems designed for smaller domestic(home) and commercial applications.

A Solar Power Pack incorporates a sunlight based inverter/pcu, sun oriented battery and sun based boards. Sun oriented power(electricity) is created when daylight hits the sunlight based cells(solar boards) which produces DC flow. The power(electricity) as DC flow is utilized to charge batteries however an inbuilt sun based charge regulator and furthermore used to cook load however inverter.

A sun oriented Power Pack Includes :

1. A sun powered inverter/PCU(Power Conditioning Unit)

2. A sun powered Battery Bank.

3. As sun powered board set.

4, Panel Structure.

5. Wire, Hardware and Accessories.

Sun oriented Power Packs are ideal for little homegrown and business applications.


1. No Power Cuts.

2. Free Electricity from Sun.

3. Clesn Ene

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